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In College Goal Sunday operations, our volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty. Our heartfelt thanks go out to these special individuals who continue to demonstrate extraordinary service to students and their families.
The College Goal Sunday program was established in 1989 and has evolved from a one-time event offered in the state of Indiana to a national effort including 40 state programs and the District of Columbia and over 10,000 volunteers dedicated to assisting students and families in accessing financial aid for college. The program continues to depend on its volunteers from the financial aid, higher education, college access programs and communities who are interested in giving something back to fulfill the goal of increasing the number of students completing a postsecondary degree.
The strength of College Goal Sunday is in its people, our dedicated volunteers willing to share their expertise, their time and their commitment to their chosen profession or hobby. College Goal Sunday volunteers add value to the program and events by bringing their expertise and passion to the work of program planning, encouraging their colleagues to participate and often, taking on challenges of leadership positions. Volunteers also have the opportunity to develop some new skills, to expand their professional networks and to be part of an important mission.

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